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While I appreciate music in many genres, I’ve always had a love for electronica… especially ambient, chillout and IDM, likely due to artistic influences in my youth (see “Influences” page).

It all started around age 6 when I first heard works done by a Japanese synthesist/composer named Isao Tomita. My parents had bought 3 of his records (Kosmos, The Planets, and The Bermuda Triangle) at a garage sale because the cover artwork “looked cool”.

Little did I know (at the time) that he was a major pioneer in the electronic & analogue synth music scene. When listening to his material, I often dream of soundscapes, distant planets and other such far-away places, and I think my early exposure to his music influenced me for the rest of my life towards a “space ambient” style.

I took piano lessons at a young age for a brief time, but then focused on drumming from age 12. Still, over the years my interest and love for electronic music grew until the point of finally purchasing my first synthesizer in January 2012. I’ve since tried to learn about subtractive synthesis over the past year, albeit slowly, and have developed a voracious appetite for all things synth.


When it comes to my synth demos, I try to showcase what I’ve learnt about the synths I own thus far, and to share with others my love for these synths.

I still consider myself somewhat of a beginner synthesist in that I’m not much of a “techie” (ie, using a DAW, sequencer, MIDI setup all connected together etc. ), instead preferring the spontaneity of live performance and hands-on, real-time tweaking of the synth itself.

As you can probably tell from most of my demos, I usually like to play music in a more “space ambient” style comprised of long sustained pads, arpeggiators, resonance, reverbs and delay. I find this style allows me great freedom to tweak a synth’s various parameters, play with effects to create new sounds, and create emotional soundscapes that are pleasing to my ear and which take me (and hopefully, the listener) on an emotional journey through electronic music.

Anyway, hopefully you enjoy the site, demos and the music. If interested you can checkout my synth music here.

Feel free to drop me a line to say hello, or connect on the various social media sites such as Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and Youtube.



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