[attorks] – Exploring the Waldorf Q Keyboard

“This a probably a boring video if you are not interested in the Waldorf Q Keyboard. The Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequencer is driving the Synthesizers.com with a bass sound and the self-built Modular with the accompanying melody. The internal sequencer of the Waldorf Q Keyboard is synchronized with the MAQ16/3 MIDI clock doing a 8 step sequence which I transpose with the keyboard (to make the music a little bit less boring ;-).

Fiddling with various dials but mainly the pulse width dials on VCO 1 and 2 to scan through the wave tables of the Alt1 wave selection, with the cutoff, resonance and envelop amount for the 24dB lowpass filter and with the decay for the filter ADSR. At 09:35 I switch to the PPG filter but then the video almost ends. You can see or download the full 15 minute version from my website.”




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