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64 Custom Patches for UDO Super 6

Unleash your UDO Super 6 with Supersonic, a creative and versatile custom sound bank comprised of lush soundscapes, ambient/chillout, electronica and IDM-influenced sounds. These 64 patches cover a wide range of sonic territory including pads, leads, strings, sequences, arps, keys, textures, bass and FX.

The Super 6 is a beautiful sounding, versatile and powerful digital/analog hybrid synthesizer, and I tried to push it in new directions when creating many of these patches with firmware v0.26. In addition to traditional "bread and butter" sounds, this soundset also includes some experimental motion loops, complex generative soundscapes and texture-based approaches to sound design.

These 64 custom patches install to user banks A-H and nearly all contain tasteful aftertouch and pitch bend (positive and negative) modulation assignments. This gives you additional expression and timbre possibilities within the patch itself - so be sure to experiment with these controllers!

Overall, I'm proud of this soundset and believe it covers a lot of interesting sonic territory for musicians and listeners alike. Thanks for your interest in my work; I hope you enjoy exploring and performing with these patches on your UDO Super 6 as much as I do on mine.


64 UDO Super 6 Patches
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Ambient Worlds

51 Custom Patches for Novation Peak & Summit

With influences ranging from Isao Tomita, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Vangelis, Ulrich Schnauss and more, I channel my love for ambient chillout music into this diverse sound bank for the Novation Peak and Summit. 

This ambient pack features numerous spacey pads, lush soundscapes, grainy textures, melodic arps, cutting leads, motion loops and experimental SFX. Each patch also has tasteful aftertouch, animate and modwheel assignments to encourage further sonic exploration by the musician. 

In creating these patches, my goal was to push Peak’s hardware into new sonic territory by leveraging new features in the v1.2 firmware update. As a result, you will find many examples of modulated effects as an integral part of the patch design, and extensive use of the mod matrix to create vast morphing soundscapes.  

I aim to create melodic sounds that are pleasing to the ear, which take the listener on a deep emotional journey through electronic music. These varied ambient-style patches are a result of this vision and showcase my creative approach to sound design. 

Ambient Worlds

51 Patches for Peak & Summit
"Ambient Worlds" is available as a free download via Novation Components. Please review Novation's Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use prior to download.