[shaft9000] – Novation Supernova 2 Synthesizer

“These are patches I programmed myself, with the exception of the “Oh of Pleasure” arp which is a preset. All are played in single program mode w/ only the SN2’s on-board effects, recorded direct with no EQ or compression into Sonar. The audio is then converted to mono for YouTube streaming.

I figured most people would like to see and hear how well the SN2 emulates the synths it was designed to sound like : Jupiter & Juno, OB-Xa, MKS-80&70, Synthex etc
Please do excuse the occasional bum note as I barrel my way through bits of Van Halen’s “Jump”, Tangerine Dream’s “Beach Theme”, Ray Lynch’s “The Oh of Pleasure” and assorted improvisations. Apologies are in order for the writers and performers of said music; please forgive this crude satire. ”

All videos posted by Shaft9000 on YouTube are for demonstration purposes only. I have no affiliation with Novation or any other synthesizer manufacturer.




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