[Stéphane Schott] – Demo DSI PROPHET 12 in Vintage, Old school style (No external eq and fx)

Published on Oct 14, 2013

Demo of the Prophet 12 in a vintage, old school style’s with sometimes a little FM, Drive.
No external eq (I used LPF and HPF of the synth for that) , no external FX, no External Audio Processing & no mastering.
I have not used factory sound but preferring create own sounds
I just recorded, mixed (volume only) and applied fade in, fade out in Cubase. For spacialisation I used the Pan Spread of the synth and sometimes an LFO set to pan.
I wanted to show what can be the raw synth tools without additional productions.

Now, you can to listen a definitive version with external audio processing and Drums with Maschine to this link :




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