[stereoping] – Stereoping Hardware Programmer for Yamaha TX81Z

Demo of the Stereoping Synth Controller in ’81Z’ edition for Yamaha TX81Z FM synthesizer. After 30 seconds of technical info what the highly specialized midicontroller does and how to wire it up, the video shows 4 little one-minute-demos. First the famous Preset C15 “LatelyBass” is tweaked into a mellow portamento bell sound. Second demo on preset C27 ‘Xylophone’ shows course tunings on the 4 operators to get some nice chords. Third demo on preset A17 ‘PercOrgan’ concentrates on the ‘Reverb Rate’ parameter of the TX81Z and the LFO for pitch- and amplitude-modulation. The fourth part demonstrates how to automate and remote TX81Z parameters with ordinary midi control change (CC) messages, using the programmers built in CC-to-SysEx-translator. Thanks for watching 🙂



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