[stereoping] – Synth Controller Realtime-Tweaking ft. Microwave, Matrix-1000 and MKS-50

Published on Aug 16, 2014

A little song demo-ing my Synth Controllers. The video shows three of the controllers realtime-tweaking the sound of a Microwave, a Matrix-1000 and a MKS-50 all together while they get fired with notes by a PC-sequencer (Fruity Loops). The Matrix-1000 stutters a bit (we all know it’s got some problems with SysEx) but i think it works quite well nevertheless, better than nothing.

The Synth Controllers are finally finished now in 08/2014 and you can purchase them from my webpage as a DIY assembly kit. Thanks to all the kind guys encouraging me to make a DIY-kit for the first K3 programmer i demo-ed here some years ago.

For detailed infos on the Synth Controller please visit my site. Also available are Controller-Editions for Korg DW-8000, Roland JX-8P and Kawai K3. More Editions to come. Contribute the poll on my site and help me to find out which editions people want next.



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