[WilliamSalmela] – Farewell Trident (Korg Trident Mk I)

I did something I thought I never would – sold my Korg Trident synthesizer. I had only a few days to compose a farewell song with that fantastic synth. And this is what I came up with. ”Farewell Trident” by The William Salmela Project.

All sounds are from the Korg Trident Mk I, a synth that was released in 1980. It’s a mighty 8 voice polysynth with 2 VCOs per voice. It has separate synth, brass and string sections that can be layered and played at the same time. For the strings there’s an ensemble effect and on top of all this there’s even an onboard flanger.
In this song only additional reverbs and delays are used to effect the sound. The synth was installed with MIDI and it was multitracked in Logic Pro.

Show me a modern piece of kit that sounds like this and I’ll buy it.



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